CrypTEC Forensic INC. brings together members of the computer security community to form a specialized team to assist in making your business secure.

CrypTEC Forensic INC. is your true one stop computer security contact.

    Security/Vulnerability Assessments

    • Anti-terrorism/Counterterrorism Planning
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Penetration Testing
    • IPM - In Place Monitoring
    • LAN & WAN
    • Encrypted Web Sites

    Industrial Security Surveys

    • External Security Survey
    • Internal Security Survey
    • Asset Protection
    • Covert & Overt Camera Installation
    • Plant and Executive Protection Available

    Company Policies

    • Computer Access
    • Intranet & Internet
    • Employee
    • Management
    • Pre-Employment Backgrounds
    • Polygraphs

    Computer Forensic

    • Conduct detailed search and analysis of your computer system
    • Retrieval Relevant Evidence
    • Highly trained specialists with law enforcement backgrounds
    • Your location or in our lab

    TSCM - Electronic Countermeasures

    • IPM - In Place Monitoring
    • Employee Work Area
    • Telephone Line Tabs & Illegal Fax
    • Hidden Recorders
    • Inferred & Hidden Camera Detection
    • Conference Rooms
    • Executive Offices
    • Executive Homes
    • Hotel Suites
    • Vehicle Inspection

Please contact us for more information on safeguarding your company.

CrypTEC Forensic INC.
Federal Way, Washington