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Please read the following before sending files. If you need additional information please contact us for emailing instructions. Please limit your file to 2 Meg. You may also compress the file with WinZip or PkZip.

We will begin processing your request for services as soon as we receive the file and signed release.

Upon completion an email will be sent advising you of the results. If payment is required you will be directed to our secured web page for processing credit cards. You may also choose to mail your payment to us via money order or cashiers check. Either way is acceptable, but you will not receive the password information until the payment has cleared your financial institution. You may also use these same payment methods when requesting decryption on files requiring pre-payment. If for any reason we are unable to decrypt your document, we will refund your payment.

Please read and complete the agreement below.  

Required Information = "*" E-Mail Address *:______________________________________________________

Business Name:_________________________________________________________

Name *:________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________

City:___________________________________ State:_____ Zipcode:__________

Phone *:_____________________________ Fax:_____________________________

System File Type *:____________________________________________________

File Size *:___________________________________________________________

Quoted Fee From Price Schedule *:______________________________________

Upon submitting this form I affirm that I have read the agreement below and agree to its terms. The information submitted is true and correct.

I affirm that I am the legal owner of all files and data that will be sent for password or security recovery work. Further, that I have the legal right to access all data, information and files therein. I further attest that the recovered data,passwords and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by CrypTEC Forensic providing recovery or security services they are not participating in any illegal activity.

Except where a prepayment is required, I agree to pay the fee listed for the item submitted upon satisfactory completion of the described work.

All submitted information, files, and data will remain confidential and will not be released to third parties. Reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard and protectdata while in possession of CrypTEC Forensic and to verify the identity of individuals to whom this data is released. Upon confirmation that you are able to open your file, copies of your data will be removed from our system.

Signature:__________________________________________ Date:__________________

CrypTEC Forensic
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