Employee Theft / Embezzlement?
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CrypTEC Forensic computer technicians are among the most advanced in the field. Our expertise and experience with the newest computer forensic software tools available save you time and dollars. Our search procedures allow us to conduct a detailed search and analysis of any computer system. If relevant evidence exists on the diskette or hard drive, our technicians can retrieve it. CrypTEC Forensics' partnership with leading data recovery firms are available to assist in recovering data from damaged or corrupted disk drives, backup tapes, optical disks and virtually any computer storage medium.

CrypTEC Forensic technicians can handle the most advanced computer investigations, including complex analysis of unallocated disk space, file slack, printer spooler, swap file data, Email, and documentation of an electronic audit trail. Results are documented in a detailed concise report with accompanying exhibits for court presentation. Our technicians are highly trained specialists with law enforcement backgrounds who are also available to provide expert witness testimony.

CrypTEC Forensics' contracted legal staff is available to provide litigation support by assisting in discovery and consulting during witness interviews and depositions.

The CrypTEC Forensic computer forensic team is available to conduct examinations at your location or in our lab. We also provide security/vulnerability assessments, electronic countermeasures, and assistance with computing security policies. Forensic investigations limited to Law Enforcement and Plaintiff.

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